Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Throughout history, stories have been related over and over again about parents who died saving the lives of their children.  It's a pretty simple equation:  death is imminent for a youngster, that's a month old baby up to about twelve or fourteen years old, and the parent or parents thrust themselves into the way and die instead of the children. There are different results for this same scenario including one where they all die or they all survive. However, there is nothing far-fetched about a mother bear defending her cubs. The rule there is simple: get in the path leading from Mama Bear to Baby Bear and chances are Mama Bear is going to run over you, most likely with fatal results for you.  There is no question about this. If you live around bear habitat then chances are you have instructed some new comer to beware of this situation.    

But what happens when we turn the care of our children over to a baby sitter, or a nanny or a school?  Unless we are all escapees from retard schools, the expectations are the same: "You WILL defend my children up to and including sacrificing your own life as you try to protect theirs!"

It's my sincere belief that the parents of the children who were killed in the shooting at the school in Connecticut did not receive from the school authorities the type of protection to which they were entitled .  Details are sketchy when this is being written, five days after the shooting took place, but it appears only one person took their job of child caretaker seriously, the principal. That's certainly NOT the kind of example the passengers on Flight 93 made on September 11, 2001.

I strongly suggest that these bereaved parents band together and file a heavy-duty lawsuit against the school system that did not have anything in place, such as teachers with concealed weapon permits who could have stopped this insanity in its tracks. They need to take the same attitude that thousands people in California took many years ago about the status of playing cards.  They went to court and proved that certain poker games were NOT games of chance but games of skill.  These parents need to go to court and have the court adjudicate the fact that banning guns will NOT make the situation anything but worse. We might as well ban pencils for misspelling words, ban mountain bikes for killing people by throwing them off the bike when going down the mountain, ban cars for killing people. The list is endless and the method is lunacy.  We need a display of strength that renders swift and final retribution to anyone who has the temerity to threaten our most precious asset.

Fritz Owens
Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Saturday, June 09, 2012


The alien invader crooks just won't go away (see my blog: "Alien invader crooks": from 6/28/2007.
They are so attractive to the politicians because they represent so many votes. The gooney birds in Washington, D.C. want us to ignore the drug trade, the murders, the assaults, the rapes and the total disregard for American laws by these felons and "give them a break". The latest reprehensible plan states that if an alien invader crook has been living here for twenty years, has married and raised a family the deportation laws should be ignored and this non-citizen given a break simply because he or she eluded the law for twenty years. The green card is their reward for being smart enough to not get caught.

Now I've heard some stupid suggestions when it comes to these alien invader crooks but this just about tops them all. Recently, Hans Gruber, a German guard at Auschwitz during the Holocaust, was discovered hiding in Wisconsin where he had married, had children and had become a fine, upstanding member of the community. Don't you think that we should ignore the sixty thousand people he personally sent to the gas chambers during the Second World War? I mean, after all, he eluded the law for twenty-seven years so shouldn't he also get the same reward as proposed for all of the alien invader crooks? 

Then there's Melvin Florane. He escaped from an Arkansas prison in 1975 after he had served seven years of a sixty-year sentence for murdering his girlfriend and her daughter and unborn son.  He had taken up residence in Oregon, married, had several children and became another fine, upstanding member of the community. Really now, he eluded the law for over thirty-five years so shouldn't he get the same reward as the all the others? Seems only fair to me.  I'm sure that you don't need any help from me to come up with other significant examples.

These nut cases in the House and the Senate and the Oval Office seem to think they can get away with anything. Looks like they are proving it on a daily basis, doesn't it? Imagine now what life would be without the estimated twelve to thirty million alien invader crooks. The prison population would be reduced by an enormous amount since about thirty percent of them are alien invader crooks. The huge amount of pressure on the emergency rooms around the country that these bums are using as their health care center would suddenly be able to keep within their budget and treat true emergency cases on a reasonable basis.  Consider the fact that these crooks are sending billions of dollars a year out of the country. That would be sufficient to eventually balance the budget, particularly if there was no longer a huge strain on Medicare, Social Security and other social services that they are ruining.

If I ask you to commit a crime and you go out and do it with no assistance from me, am I guilty too? Obama is asking these dead heads in Congress to do just that and they are doing it. What makes you think that he's not responsible?  If you don't like the alien invader crooks taking over your country then write to your representatives in Washington, D.C. and tell them to do something about it or lose their next election. That ALWAYS gets results. Remember, the main problem is that the Federal Government is NOT enforcing the laws already on the books. We don't need more laws or regulations. All we need is ENFORCEMENT!
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Friday, April 20, 2012

Rumors of my demise...

To paraphrase Mark Twain, rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. Besides being sick in the head, (my normal state of being), in December of 2010 we had a humongous snowstorm up here in the Western North Carolina mountains. As the snow was just coming down lightly, I figured I could make it over to John and Virginia Dekker's house on the west side of Hendersonville and pick up Lynne before it got too bad. Bad choice.

I started to drive over there in our antique (1992) BMW and it seems like that was the trigger to cause the snow to immediately start falling at triple the rate. Lynne was baby-sitting the Dekker's three dogs while they were out of town. They usually reciprocate by watching our three cats when we go someplace. I got stuck in the snow about a half-mile from their house. Fortunately, I was able to maneuver the car over to the side of the road to keep it out of the way of other vehicles. Then the people next door to the Dekker's came to get me with Lynne in their 4-wheel drive vehicle. They drove us down to the entrance to the community and we waited for our youngest daughter to come pick us up in their 4-wheel drive vehicle.

By now you should be getting the idea that for where we live, a 4-wheel drive vehicle seems to be an awfully good idea. At this point in time, I realized that I could not drive back up the mountain where we live to get home again until either the snow melted or we acquired a 4-wheel drive vehicle. And if I didn't get a 4-wheel drive car, this could happen another dozen times that winter or any winter thereafter. Sort of a no-brainer situation: get a 4 wheel drive vehicle or move.

When we got here in 2005 we had no transportation at all and no money to get one. The situation was slightly different in 2010 simply because we had gotten a reverse mortgage and had a little money left to draw on. However, in looking through all the information on used 4-wheel drive vehicles, it became apparent right away that we'd be lucky to find one decent vehicle for less than $20,000. That was eighty Percent (80%) of the money we had left in the reverse mortgage. Tough call, huh? Keep in mind that I have no job, I have not worked since the heart attack eight weeks before Katrina and the 565 idiots in Congress have not exactly been our friends with their dipping into our Social Security and refusing us the cost of living increase for two years.

It was Melody's husband that found the car for us. He ran across it online and settled my nerves about it. "I had a Toyota 4 Runner for a couple of years when I lived in Colorado. A remarkable car - it was bulletproof!" That was not meant in the true sense of the word but used to give me an idea that the car was very hard to stop. We ended up buying the car and it has served us well for the last year and four months. Ended up costing us less than $9,000 which meant we only used up 37% of our reverse mortgage reserve.

What didn't go down so well was the situation at Melody and Tommy's house. I didn't know that they were all sick with some sort of respiratory illness and the doctor had all four of them on anti-biotics. Anyone that knows me knows the lifelong battle I've had with respiratory infections. This little sojourn at their house for three days with no way to escape, hardly any fresh air at all (it was in the 20's outside) and none of my vitamins or prescription medicine on hand really knocked the hell out of my already shaky immune system.

With such an assault on my health, particularly with all the other stuff that has been going on for the last couple of years with the added injustice of not being 22 anymore, I didn't really start to feel much better until the end of the summer, around the middle of October up here. Then Lynne went to New Orleans for ten days and when she came back she had a nasty gift for me: she was carrying some sort of infection donated by the bug network in Louisiana. Within a couple of weeks my sinuses were packed with a real doozy of an infection and I became the apparent local distributor of Grey Poupon Mustard, at least that's what the stuff coming out of my nose looked like. It was awful and my overall health started to get worse.

Eventually I ended up in the hospital emergency room a couple of times with what I call the "Seasickness Syndrome". That occurs when you get so sick, like seasickness, it's only the hope of dying that keeps you alive. Then my legs started to swell up. What an exciting time! Did you know that when the legs swell up and begin to make you look like the Michelin Tire Man, at a certain point the body starts to dump excess fluid through the skin? Wow! You walk across the linoleum floor in the kitchen like a giant slug leaving a trail that really resembles footprints by the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

At that point I ended up in the doctor's office and she told me I had to have some Home Health Care. I had open wounds on my left leg that seemed to have appeared from out of nowhere - sort of like the stigmata the Catholic Church keeps referring to when discussing various and sundry saints. No, I'm not suggesting by any stretch of the imagination that I might be a saint and I didn't have any marks on my hands or feet but the appearance of these wounds resembled the stories of how the stigmata would come out of nowhere. Seems as though the valves in my legs had gotten clogged up and the blood had no place to go. It's called venous insufficiency.

The name does not give you any idea of the severity of the treatment. From what I've heard, it's almost the exact same thing they do to burn victims. I'm certain that you have heard just how painful that procedure can be. When the new skin forms and becomes a scab it has to be removed in order to facilitate the healing process and prevent infection. Until you have experienced that treatment you have no idea just how painful it really is. Words cannot describe the agony of having healthy skin pulled away from an open wound. Essentially it seemed as though I was waiting for the home health care nurse to come by twice a week and attempt to amputate my leg without any anesthetic! There's that good old Chinese curse again: "May you live in interesting times!" No funnsie's whatsoever!

The treatment was completed about six weeks ago and of course I'm going to have to wear compression socks from now on - permanently. Just remember there are certain prices most of us have to pay simply because we've lived longer than others! Speaking of which, here's a good question for you. Dr. Wayne Dyer asks this in most of his motivational seminars: "Would you like to live to be 100 years old?" Most people have qualifications like "if I have enough money; or, if I'm in good health; or, if I don't have any dental problems". There's a whole list of things that people want if they are going to live to be 100 years old.

Let's face it folks, those qualifications don't apply. They have a very adverse effect on your ability to help the body survive into three figures. Basic cooperative attitude is simply to have no qualifications whatsoever. Then immediately people will jump on to "What if I'm paralyzed from the neck down?" and my answer to those people is my attitude. I have every intention of living past 100. Might trip on the stairs tomorrow, hit the ground like a sack of potatoes and end that pipe dream. However, if I do end up paralyzed from the neck down, I'll learn how to paint with a brush in my mouth or something equally as challenging.

In the meantime, as much as it may offend a few people, I am alive and kicking and intend to keep things that way as long as I have any control over the situation.

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