Saturday, June 09, 2012


The alien invader crooks just won't go away (see my blog: "Alien invader crooks": from 6/28/2007.
They are so attractive to the politicians because they represent so many votes. The gooney birds in Washington, D.C. want us to ignore the drug trade, the murders, the assaults, the rapes and the total disregard for American laws by these felons and "give them a break". The latest reprehensible plan states that if an alien invader crook has been living here for twenty years, has married and raised a family the deportation laws should be ignored and this non-citizen given a break simply because he or she eluded the law for twenty years. The green card is their reward for being smart enough to not get caught.

Now I've heard some stupid suggestions when it comes to these alien invader crooks but this just about tops them all. Recently, Hans Gruber, a German guard at Auschwitz during the Holocaust, was discovered hiding in Wisconsin where he had married, had children and had become a fine, upstanding member of the community. Don't you think that we should ignore the sixty thousand people he personally sent to the gas chambers during the Second World War? I mean, after all, he eluded the law for twenty-seven years so shouldn't he also get the same reward as proposed for all of the alien invader crooks? 

Then there's Melvin Florane. He escaped from an Arkansas prison in 1975 after he had served seven years of a sixty-year sentence for murdering his girlfriend and her daughter and unborn son.  He had taken up residence in Oregon, married, had several children and became another fine, upstanding member of the community. Really now, he eluded the law for over thirty-five years so shouldn't he get the same reward as the all the others? Seems only fair to me.  I'm sure that you don't need any help from me to come up with other significant examples.

These nut cases in the House and the Senate and the Oval Office seem to think they can get away with anything. Looks like they are proving it on a daily basis, doesn't it? Imagine now what life would be without the estimated twelve to thirty million alien invader crooks. The prison population would be reduced by an enormous amount since about thirty percent of them are alien invader crooks. The huge amount of pressure on the emergency rooms around the country that these bums are using as their health care center would suddenly be able to keep within their budget and treat true emergency cases on a reasonable basis.  Consider the fact that these crooks are sending billions of dollars a year out of the country. That would be sufficient to eventually balance the budget, particularly if there was no longer a huge strain on Medicare, Social Security and other social services that they are ruining.

If I ask you to commit a crime and you go out and do it with no assistance from me, am I guilty too? Obama is asking these dead heads in Congress to do just that and they are doing it. What makes you think that he's not responsible?  If you don't like the alien invader crooks taking over your country then write to your representatives in Washington, D.C. and tell them to do something about it or lose their next election. That ALWAYS gets results. Remember, the main problem is that the Federal Government is NOT enforcing the laws already on the books. We don't need more laws or regulations. All we need is ENFORCEMENT!
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