Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Throughout history, stories have been related over and over again about parents who died saving the lives of their children.  It's a pretty simple equation:  death is imminent for a youngster, that's a month old baby up to about twelve or fourteen years old, and the parent or parents thrust themselves into the way and die instead of the children. There are different results for this same scenario including one where they all die or they all survive. However, there is nothing far-fetched about a mother bear defending her cubs. The rule there is simple: get in the path leading from Mama Bear to Baby Bear and chances are Mama Bear is going to run over you, most likely with fatal results for you.  There is no question about this. If you live around bear habitat then chances are you have instructed some new comer to beware of this situation.    

But what happens when we turn the care of our children over to a baby sitter, or a nanny or a school?  Unless we are all escapees from retard schools, the expectations are the same: "You WILL defend my children up to and including sacrificing your own life as you try to protect theirs!"

It's my sincere belief that the parents of the children who were killed in the shooting at the school in Connecticut did not receive from the school authorities the type of protection to which they were entitled .  Details are sketchy when this is being written, five days after the shooting took place, but it appears only one person took their job of child caretaker seriously, the principal. That's certainly NOT the kind of example the passengers on Flight 93 made on September 11, 2001.

I strongly suggest that these bereaved parents band together and file a heavy-duty lawsuit against the school system that did not have anything in place, such as teachers with concealed weapon permits who could have stopped this insanity in its tracks. They need to take the same attitude that thousands people in California took many years ago about the status of playing cards.  They went to court and proved that certain poker games were NOT games of chance but games of skill.  These parents need to go to court and have the court adjudicate the fact that banning guns will NOT make the situation anything but worse. We might as well ban pencils for misspelling words, ban mountain bikes for killing people by throwing them off the bike when going down the mountain, ban cars for killing people. The list is endless and the method is lunacy.  We need a display of strength that renders swift and final retribution to anyone who has the temerity to threaten our most precious asset.

Fritz Owens
Wednesday, December 19, 2012